Guest Lecture by Dr Mario Vaz on "Developing Research Culture on Undergraduate Medical Students" on 9th Feb 2018
09/02/2018 To 09/02/2018


With the aim of enlightening the young minds with ideas of researchmethodology, patterns of studying, coping mechanisms after joining amedical college, the importance of never giving up and trying persistently andmany more, the students of  First Yearwere given the opportunity of having an interactive session with Dr. Mario Vaz,on“Developing Research Culture on Undergraduate MedicalStudents” who is Professor Of Physiology at St. John's MedicalCollege, Bangalore and is also Head, Division of Health and Humanities, St.John's Research Institute.

The session beganwith a warm welcome of the esteemed guest by Vice Dean (Academic and Research)Dr. Sudhanshu Kacker and a brief introduction of Dr. Vaz by Dr Reshu Gupta,Assistant Professor, Physiology.

It was indeed apleasure to hear Dr. Vaz talking about how to be naturally curious after thestudents step into the medical fraternity. The onus is on each one of thesefuture doctors to uphold the values of this noble profession.

He went on to tellthat one should be attentive during lectures, take notes and focus on theconcepts rather than rote-learning.

He further insistedthe students to enjoy this subject and make the foundation strong right fromthe very beginning of our formative years.

Dr. Vaz being animpressive speaker,  kept all glued tillthe very end. He also stressed on the point that as doctors, students are alsogoing to be researchers, and thus they should never let their inquisitivenessfade away. He talked about the satisfaction he, as a Post Graduate student, feltwhen his first paper was published and received 120 citations.

Quoting Edison, heimpressed upon the value of trying and learning from our attempts.

He ended thesession by wishing all students luck for their future and hoping to see them aswonderful doctors in service of the society.

Dr. Vaz received astanding oration and a huge round of applause.

The students lookforward to hearing to such eminent personalities and feel proud to be a part ofan institution that blesses them with such opportunities.

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